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Name/Alias: LA
Player Journal: [personal profile] fire_lady
Contact: Plurk: Bubblykins, Aim: kyosohmagurl13
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Character Information

Name: Daring Charming
Fandom: Ever After High
Canonpoint: Spring Unsprung
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Physical Description: [ X ] [ X ]


In the world of Ever After, it is a land of many famous fairy tale people and creatures. It is a world were all the Fairy tale characters you know and love ( Like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty) have children that go to a school to learn how to follow in their parents footsteps and take on their destiny as the next in line of their particular story. It's not just fairy tale students that go there though. There are even characters based from mythology stories, like the adopted daughter of Eros that attend this school. You'll find just a huge asortment of magical and mysterious people who attend ( and teach) in this magical place.

It would be hard not to guess just by hearing his name, but Daring Charming happens to be one of the children of King Charming himself. Daring is the eldest son by nine months and has two younger siblings, Dexter and Darling who are twins. And before anyone worries about things being too "close" in the Charming family because of all the fairytales, Daring and Dexter once had a family tree project in school where they informed everyone that even though there are many Charmings in the Ever After Kingdom, not all of them are actually related to each other.

At a young age, Daring had always been seen as the favorite child to King Charming. He was the first born which made him first to the family line and destiny. Their father had high hopes for Daring. It came to no one's surprise in the Charming family when Daring became everything they had hoped he would be. He proved to be strong and fast, clever and handsome, and just all around well... Daring. Unfortunately for his younger brother Dexter, because he was so perfect especially in the eyes of their father, Daring often outshone his younger brother in everything they did. He was always amazing at Dragon slaying. He could woo a princess with just a smile. Even saving damsels in distress came fairly easy to him. All of this is probably why he is destined to be the prince charming in Apple White's ( Daughter of Snow White) story.

The school that all of fairy tale students attend to is called Ever After High. In this school where everyone learns to follow their destinys, there are two factions of students. There are the Royals who not only come from a royal background, but they also want to follow their destinys, and who could blame them since most of them get wonderful stories of having princes and saving lives and being beloved by everyone. Then you have the other faction known as the Rebels. The Rebels for the most part don't always come from a royal background. Not only that, but many of the rebels want go against their destiny and write their own story or just doing something that goes against their destiny like falling in love with someone from the Royal side.

At Ever After High, Second year students have a special day called Legacy day. It is one of the few days in the year where the Story book of Legends is allowed to come out of its case and be viewed by all. The Story Book of Legends is a magical book that binds everyone in Ever After to their own stories. On Legacy day, the students all get dressed up and pledge to follow in their family's footsteps and become the next important role in their own stories. Once they sign the book, they are officially bound to that role. There are some students in the school who actually don't wish to follow in their parents footsteps, like Raven Queen ( Daughter of the Evil Queen. ) Daring however has no problems with following his destiny as Prince Charming. It's what he was born to do forever after.

In the school the students all take classes that will prepare them for their own stories. Princesses will end up taking classes on Kingdom management, Damsels in distressing, and Princessology, while evil people might get classes like General Villainy, Home Evilnomics, and Kingdom Mismanagement. They also have more general type classes like Muse-ic, Story telling 101, and Grimmnasics. Daring himself takes many classes on being a hero, like Dragon Slaying, Heroics 101, and Advanced Wooing.

Daring of course being a Charming is of the Royal side of things. As the first born he was always taught of his destiny and how he must follow it for the family. So Daring has always known that he would break Apple from her curse and live forever after with her, because that's what he was always taught. Though most other people's matters don't usually bother him, it's their own lives after all, he does feel like it's a bit far fetched for Royals and Rebels to be dating each other. In his own words "They are from two completely different worlds." At least that's how he feels at first since that's how he was taught.

Over the course of the series, his views and attitude starts to change because of the people he surrounds himself with, like Lizzie Hearts ( Daughter of The Queen of hearts) and Cerise Hood ( Daughter of Red Riding hood ).

Previous Game History: N/A


When you think of a Prince Charming, what comes to mind to you? Is it their bravery and kindness? Could it possibly be their strength and agility? How about their good looks, charm, and a dashing personality? Well look no further than Daring Charming himself. If the people at school could describe Daring in one word, it's perfect. He has the amazing good looks, and his enchanting smile that tends to woo any girl walking past him. He has amazing bravery, taking on dragons and defeating them like it's no big problem, to the point where Daring even admits Dragon slaying class is his "Worst subject" only because he gets so bored in that class. He's strong and fast and can just be in the right place at the right time to save falling damsels. He once caught a princess falling out the dorm rooms at Ever After High when he was just walking by and when she asked him "How did you know I was going to be here?" he replies with "Catching Damsels in distress, it's kind of my thing." Along with all these charming qualities of his, he is also shown to be pretty calm and collected in the face of danger and the unknown. When Daring and his Book Ball ( basically American football but played with books instead of balls), team were discussing their upcoming match with Beanstalk High he first thought they were going up against a bunch of little beans, but one of his team members corrected him, telling him that no, the Beanstalk High team was in fact a bunch of Giants. Instead of freaking out, in a calm voice he replied, "Oh. Well then we are in a lot of trouble, aren't we," and playfully elbowed his friend while laughing.

He could get along with anyone he talked to and had plenty of friends in Ever After High. It was like he was the most perfect child his father could have asked for. Even though Daring is seen to be so perfect and outshone his little brother, it didn't really hinder their relationship. Yes, it often led Dexter to feeling self conscious about himself, but Daring was still a loving older brother. They often hang out at school together and have a lot of the same friends. They roughhoused with each other like lots of brothers tend to do. He'd often give Dexter advice though it wasn't always the most useful. He did try at least, although most of his advice did usually end with "Dexter, you should be more like me." He encouraged Dexter in his own slightly egotistical way with comments like, "You almost got in second place right after me! Great Job, brother!" or even "You're a charming, of course you can do this." And for his sister, well he's his usual affectionate self with her, helping her out of carriages and chasing away boys who try to woo her from her balcony. He really does love both of his siblings, even if he shows it in odd ways.

Despite the fact that Daring and Apple White are destined to be together because of their stories, they aren't actually dating right now in school but they are still very close with each other. As Apple likes to put it "This is high school. We have forever after to be together." They are great friends and often seen around the halls with each other. Since Daring isn't tied down to her yet, he likes to spend his free time going on dates and flirting with other girls.

He may be charming and handsome, and most people seem to love him but he isn't one without faults either. Their father has always encouraged Daring since he was young and constantly told him how perfect he was to the point that the boy now has a little bit of an ego and is a complete narcissist. He is constantly looking at himself in a mirror or just being mesmerized by pictures of himself on his mirrorpad. In the book he was playing with his younger cousins and almost didn't catch one of them when he became distracted by a mirror he was walking past, and in the webisodes not only did he declare himself the winner of a female beauty pageant because he felt he was the best looking, but in a Kanye West like fashion, he got on stage when the winner of Thronecoming Queen was about to be announced and tried declaring himself the winner of that as well. So needless to say, he's definitely narcissistic, but it's hard to blame him when his father and everyone else constantly agrees with him.

He's also a bit closeminded when it comes to women. It's not that his intentions are bad, it's just that being raised as a Charming, you're sort of expected to see things a certain way. Instead of seeing girls that can do so many things that a boy can do, you expect them to just be a typical damsel in distress that you're suppose to save and protect. He really does have the best intentions, it's just that Daring's way of showing them aren't exactly the best at times. He is slowly growing to be an even better person though, and perhaps realizing not everything is as black and white as its always been placed out for him.

The more Daring is shown the more growth we see in him. Sometimes his vanity can get the best of him, but in the end he shows he can be a good friend and he knows how to apologize when he's been a jerk. A friend of his by the name of Sparrow Hood ( Son of Robin Hood) once dared him to get a date with the next person to walk through the cafe they were hanging out in, and the loser of the bet was going to have to wash the other's Grimmnastics clothes after swamp swimming. Daring not being one that can back down from a dare and being confident in his abilities to get a girl, eagerly accepted. The girl that walked through the doors was none other than Lizzie Hearts who had a reputation of being quite like her mother. It took him all day, but he was finally able to win her over at least a little, and he actually had a really nice time himself. She asked him to not tell anyone about the fun time they had and to keep Lizzie's reputation safe, he embarrassed himself in front of everyone by having to clean Sparrow's uniform. Another instant of growth we see is during Thronecoming. The day of Thronecoming there was an important Book ball, game was happening between Ever After High, and Beanstalk High. A girl by the name of Cerise Hood came up to the boys asking if she could help them in their big match to which Daring replies to her with " Sorry, Cerise, Damsels are for saving, not playing Fairy Tale back." During the match, the boys were getting creamed, because they were up against a bunch of Giants. When things seemed to be their bleakest, Daring mentioned to the coach he might know of a certain Damsel who could actually save them and went over to Cerise in the stands to ask if she would help them. With her help they ended up winning the game and that night during the dance, Daring went up to Cerise and apologized for what he had said and thanked her for helping. He even offered to dance with her over any of the other girls that were lined up to see him.

It's a slow process, but Daring is slowly becoming a better person and is even breaking out of that picture his father painted him in since he was a child. He's becoming more charming in his own way. Yes, he may be very vain, but he's always there to help a friend in need ( as long as they aren't asking to borrow his mirror ). He's flirtatious with all the girls, but he's charming about it. He's still every bit the Charming knight in shining armor he's destined to be, he just needs to grow out of that shell a little more.

Abilities: While Daring has many amazing abilities in his repertoire, the only magical like ability he has is an Enchanting smile. In his world it makes girls fall for him the moment he smiles. His teeth are so bright that they can even blind you if you look long enough. He also has the ability to grow flowers with the light of his teeth.

Character Information
First Person Sample: Sample

Third Person Sample: So this was Inugami High, the very dull and magic-less, at least to Daring's knowledge, school. Actually maybe it wasn't so dull though. The moment Daring awoke in this place, it sent odd shivers down his spine, almost like in training when he's fighting a dragon and he has ten seconds left to save the Damsel falling out of the tower. No it wasn't fear of the unknown. It couldn't even be the bothersome feeling of realizing that someone had snatched up his important mirror while he was sleeping. It just couldn't be, he was a Charming after all. There had to be a way out of this school, but there wasn't a reason to panic because Charmings are always reasonable. No, he knew he could figure this out and help anyone else out who were also taken from their home.

No no, the first thing's first, he had to get himself acquainted with the school. One couldn't form a perfectly charming plan if one couldn't even find his way around, could he? Of course not! His father always taught him and Dexter among all the other rules he came up with, to always be aware of their surroundings. Dexter... was his brother also trapped in this school or was it just himself? His brother would definitely need his help if he was also wandering around lost! And what of the others? He couldn't worry now. If he was going to save everyone, he had to think. "So let's see... classroom, classroom... classroom... honestly, does his hallway ever end?" he questioned himself.

Daring continued wandering around the hallways, ending up in strange places he hadn't expected. The more he explored, the more he got an uneasy and unfamiliar feel to this place. It was like the school had no rhyme or reason to it. Not only that, but none of the students he walked past or even listened to made a lick of sense. Even after he flashed his enchanting smile a few times, no one even seemed to want to help him in the slightest. If he were back home, plenty of girls would have fallen to their knees and others would have given him the exact information he wanted to hear. Honestly he wasn't used to this sort of thing happening. Did he change when arriving? Did he look disfigured? Was there something wrong with his hair? His face? He really wished he had his mirror on him right about now.

Shaking the thought out of his head he continued on his way. He made it back down to the bottom floor, or at least he thought it was the bottom floor when he squinted his eyes and saw... doors open? Could it really be that simple? Oh he knew something good would come from exploring! Daring ran as fast as his legs could take him, but it almost seemed like he wasn't getting any closer to the front doors. "Someone! Someone stop those doors," he shouted as if that might help. Seconds went by and the doors quickly seemed to close as if Daring hadn't been chasing them at all. His running slowly turned to a light jog which turned to walking when he finally reached the front doors. He placed his hands on the door handles as if having hope that they were unlocked and gave them a few good yanks, but it was a no go. He even tried ramming his shoulder into them, but still nothing. Well, nothing except his now bruised shoulder.

"Well Daring, looks like it's back to the ol' drawing board as they say." He sighed to himself and leaned against the doors. This would really be a huge test to test if he really was ready to be a knight in shining armor, but he wouldn't give up. What kind of Prince would he be if he gave up so soon, or even at all? He would come up with a plan. It just might take a little more effort.

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